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Hoff Business Advisors, LLC is a Merger & Acquisition Firm that specializes in the sale of operating businesses. Our firm provides valuable and confidential intermediary service between the Buyer and Seller. Our fee is earned through the confidential marketing and intermediary service of the operating business based on the overall value of the business itself including the goodwill, inventory, furniture, fixtures, equipment, customer list, sales, income, and other assets excluding real estate. Hoff Business Advisors is not a Real Estate Brokerage and therefore our firm and our employees do not receive commission or compensation towards residential or commercial leases, or the sale of Real Estate. In the event Real Estate is available as part of a business transaction the sale or transfer of the Real Estate asset is handled through a closing attorney of the Buyer and Seller's choice and no fee will be paid to Hoff Business Advisors, LLC or our employees towards the value of the included Real Estate. 

What are the best ways to get financing to

buy a business?

Down Payment Requirements

SBA Lenders will offer business financing with down payments of 15% - 25% depending on the deal size. In most cases if the operating income is more than $45,000 per year after debt service we can find a lender that will finance with 15% down.

Seller Financing Options

Some sellers will offer Seller Financing options. The larger the down payment the better chance you will have at securing seller financing for the balance if a bank loan is not an option.

IRA / 401K Rollover

If you will be leaving your job when you purchase a business and have funds in an existing IRA or 401K, you can rollover those funds to purchase the business and avoid an early withdraw penalty. We help 100's of buyers each year complete retirement rollovers. 

- Use your IRA or 401K to buy a Business

SBA Financing Solutions

We work with 100's of nationwide lenders who can help you secure financing to buy a business. Most SBA lenders require a minimum deal size of $200,000 +.

- SBA Lenders

Personal Loans

There are a number of online lenders that provide personal loans of up to $40k including lighstream, marcus, and lending club.